3Kw Wind Turbine - 220v AC

  Our Grid Tie or Off Grid wind Turbine is powerfull enough to meet the electricty needs of a small house with lots to spare, simply wire directly to your mains electricity fusebox if you are off grid or 2 a Double Pole Break before Make switch if you are ON Grid.

With no need for expensive batteries our 3kw On Grid Wind Turbine is a simple easy maintenance free power source that will save you money and drive down the cost of the Electricity bills you currently receive from your Electricity supplier.


Rated Power                3kw

Maximun                      4kw

Rated Voltage              230v AC

Startup Wind Speed    2.5m/s

Rated Wind Speed       10m/s

Survival Wind Speed    45m/s

Turbine Weight             205kgs

Blade Diameter             5m

Blades                             3

Blade Construction       Reinforced Glass Fibre

Casing                             Carbon Steel

Tower Height                 9m recommended


Your order will be delivered as part of 3 packages

1 x 100*58*58cm

1 x 306*43*37cm

1 x 100*73*12cm

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3Kw Wind Turbine - 220v AC

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