• EMS 3020 Satellite Broadband Modem

EMS 3020 Satellite Broadband Modem

User Guide is here  Satlynx 3020. The Satlynx 3020 offers a flexible high speed standards compliant two-way satellite solution enabling interactive Broadband IP and multi-casting use. With DVB-S and DVB-RCS standards and extensive IP capabilities, the Satlynx 3020 supports virtually any data and IP multicast application. The platform can be enhanced to deliver a transportable self-aligning VSAT for vehicle or flight case deployment. Optimised for intensive applications and multiple user support; ideal for providing backhaul from Wi-Fi or similar last mile technology.

Service Up to 2 Mbps outbound and 1 Mbps inbound

End-to-end security and bandwidth management

Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connectivity in star topology

Proven technology – thousands of terminals deployed across the globe

Standards compliant – DVB-S outbound carrier and DVB-RCS inbound carrier

Wide geographical availability across Europe

Multiple user support on a single terminal

Cost effective Equipment

Outdoor unit Transmitter: 2W Ku band
Receiver: Standard LNB
Antenna 96 cm to 120 cm antenna

Indoor unit

No external software required,client software is embedded within the modem
External Interface 10 Base-T Ethernet
Inbound carrier QPSK modulation DVB-RCS compliant
Protocols supported TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP
Hub Alcatel 9780 Satellite hub
Outbound carrier DVB-S
Satlynx QoS Manager
Robust network with intrusion detection
Redundant Internet Connection Operations
24 x 7 Technical Support
Centralised Network Management from our operations centre in Backnang, Germany.
Quality of Service management to deliver the best and fair service for all users on a shared platform.

SES Managed Services S.A.
Château de Betzdorf
Building B
L-6815 Luxembourg
T +352 26 700 1
F +352 26 700 485
Operational Center
SES Managed Services GmbH
Illerstrasse 15
D-71522 Backnang
T +49 7191 971 0
F +49 7191 971 100
Satlynx 3020
The ideal two-way satellite platform for demanding applications with wide geographical coverage across Europe. The heritage and leading edge development of the EMS and Alcatel products on which the Satlynx platform is based leads to a very high speed standards compliant deployment; coupled with Satlynx operational excellence makes this the most flexible two-way satellite platform in Europe for any application.


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EMS 3020 Satellite Broadband Modem

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