• 2inch Patio Mount NON Penetrating

Non Penetrating Flat Roof Mount

    This frame comes complete with a bolt-on patio mount { 50mm in diameter} and is used to install suitable satellite dishes on flat roofs. It can be weighed using paving slabs or concrete blocks and comes complete with two 10mm plated nuts and bolts for attaching the patio mount. The frame dimensions are 940mm x 1050mm and the mast height is 105cm. It is the installers responsibility to ensure that the roof is of sufficient load bearing capacity and also that the complete installation is totally safe and stable. Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel construction.

Mast 105cm high from floor, 50mm Diameter
2 frames (94cm x 48cm each)
Total size 94cm x 105cm
Maximum 44cm x 44cm paving slabs


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2inch Patio Mount NON Penetrating

  • £134.95