• Technomate TM-RF HD - HDMI Modulator

Technomate TM-RF HD - HDMI Modulator

   Connect any HDMI device such as a Satellite Receiver, CCTV system, Blu-ray player, TV Box, etc and watch it in crystal clear Full HD 1080p over a coaxial RF system. You can also watch on other TVs using a passive splitter or an amplifier.

If you already have an existing Standard Definition RF distribution system but your device is in High-Definition, just swap your existing RF modulator to this and watch in High-Definition 1080p on a DVB-T compatible Digital TV (such as a Freeview or Freeview HD TV). The cabling is exactly the same.

Minimal Delay
Less than 0.8s delay from the HDMI device, making channel changes super fast. The quickest in the industry! Furthermore, if using for video only devices such as a CCTV system, this can be reduced to less than 0.5s making mouse movement extremely quick (please contact Technomate Support for further details).

International Use
Apart from the UK Channels 21-60 frequencies, the TM-RF HD is also compatible with all UHF international RF systems. You can configure Bandwidth, Constellation, FEC, etc to be compatible in your own country.

Connect Multiple Sources
Can also be cascaded with up to 35 TM-RF HD in one system so you can watch different devices on different TVs! Such as Satellite on TV1, another Satellite channel on TV2, CCTV on TV3, etc.

All settings are controlled via the onboard menu screen and buttons.

Installation Notes
A passive splitter can be used. Furthermore, mains powered amplifiers/splitters can also be used as well as bypass models
The RF IN is only to be used when connecting more than one TM-RF HD in a cascade system. It is not an aerial input.

Adding an Aerial:
If you're connecting an Aerial into the system, you will require a 2-Way DC Pass Splitter. You will need to connect the aerial into one of the two outputs on this splitter (marked OUT) and the TM-RF HD combined with the included Attenuator to the other output on the splitter. Then connect the input (marked IN) to your television, amplifier or splitter.
Where to connect the Attenuator;
If connecting the RF OUT of the TM-RF HD directly to an amplifier, just add the Attenuator in between the two; if adding an Aerial into the system, add the Attenuator in between the RF OUT of the TM-RF HD and one of the outputs (marked OUT) on the 2-way splitter

Lip Sync;
The TM-RF HD has been tested with many devices such as Sky, Virgin, BT, Blu-ray Players, Playstation, Xbox and there are no issues. If you are having issues, please contact Technomate Support.
This system only works on 1080p Full HD + 4K UHD TVs. If your TV is 720p HD Ready, it will not work directly,  however,you can use a Freeview HD box (DVB-T2 box) with the TM-RF HD to make it work on an HD Ready TV.

This device converts the HDMI output from a satellite receiver into a HD UHF channel that can be easily distributed over coax cables to another TV or to a TV Distribution Amplifier


  • HDMI DVB-T RF Modulator
  • 1080p High-Definition over RF
  • HDMI Loop-through
  • Cascadable
  • Send 1080p High-Definition video quality with audio over an RF distribution system
  • Converts an HDMI signal into an HD digital DVB-T compatible signal
  • Requires a DVB-T or DVB-T2 compatible TV (must be 1080p or 4K UHD)
  • LCD screen for easy setup & configuration
  • HDMI Input
  • DVB-T COFDM Modulation
  • Channel Name Edit
  • Compatible with international standards
  • Bandwidth - 6Mhz, 7Mhz, 8Mhz
  • Configure: Bandwidth, Constellation, FEC, ONID, LCN
  • USB - software and cascade updates only
  • Wall Mountable Metal Housing

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Technomate TM-RF HD - HDMI Modulator

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