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Icecrypt S3500

Nascam Plugin for Icecrypt S3500 Linux Receiver

Mvision Combo Receiver Firmware

Mvision HD300 Combo Net Downloads

Mvision HD270 Firmware

Technomate Linux Receiver Firmware

Technomate TM-3000D Latest Firmware

Technomate TM-500 Super Latest Firmware

Technomate TM-500 / TM600 Latest Firmware

Technomate TM Nano OE Latest Firmware

Technomate TM-F3/5 Firmware dated 29th Aug 2014

Technomate TM-2T Latest Firmware

Technomate TM-Single OE Latest Firmware

Technomate TM-Twin OE Firmware

Technomate TM-Nano 2T Firmware

Technomate TM-Nano 2T Super Firmware

Technomate TM Nano 3T Combo Receiver Firmware

Technomate TM7100 / 7102 Latest Firmware

Ferguson Combo Sat / Terr Firmware

Ferguson Ariva 252 Latest Firmware

Dreambox Linux Receiver Firmware

Commando 14.7 Info

Dreambox DM500 Userguide

Dreambox DM500 Default Image

Dreambox DM600 Userguide

Dreambox DM600 Default Firmware

Dreambox DM800 Userguide

Dreambox DM800 Default Firmware

Dreambox DM800se Userguide

Dreambox DM800se Default Firmware

Dreambox DM7000 Userguide

Dreambox DM7000 Default Firmware


Universal Dreamup for all Models

How to upgrade the Vu+ Zero image via USB

  • Save the image on the PC (USB version)
  • Unzip files
  • Format USB flash drive with the file system FAT, or FAT32
  • Create on the stick the Directory /vuplus/zero
  • Copy to the stick the 5 files into the Directory /vuplus/zero
  • Power off VU+ STB
  • Remove all USB devices from the box
  • Plug-in the USB Stick into Vu+ Box
  • Turn on the VU+ STB
  • Firmware Update will start automatically
  • During the flash procedure the LED pulsates
  • If the LED blinks, the flashing process is finished, then you can unplug the USB stick from the box
  • Power off the VU+ STB , and restart it again


Zone1 Satellite Dish Assembly Instructions

Zone2 Satellite Dish Assembly Instructions

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