BBC TV in Mainland Europe

Sky TV customers in France need a minimum 80cm satellite dish to receive the Astra 2e Satellite at 28.2east

UK expats in Spain, Southern France and Italy will need a Linux HD Combo receiver at their home address in the UK connected to a TV Aerial and a Satellite Dish, these receivers will also need to be connected to your Home broadband router.

Set your Linux HD Combo receiver up with a static IP address and and program your home router so that port forwarding is enabled and you have say port 12000 looking at your Linux Combo receiver, so inside your linux Combo receiver may be on, from the outside world your Linux combo receiver will be on say where is your home Routers IP address, this works best if you ask your service provider for a WAN static IP address.

Now say you are in Southern France or Spain, Italy or even New Zealand, Australia you can now access your Linux Combo HD receiver from your Holiday location by looking up and if you can VLC media player on your PC then you can choose which channel to watch from back home, BBC1, BBC2, ITV, CH4, FIVE, FILM4, CBBC etc. you can even get your Linux Combo Receiver to record TV shows which you can them watch back later and all at the touch of a button.